Volunteers who support SPECIAL POPS TENNIS do so for the satisfaction of seeing smiles and joy on the faces of individuals with intellectual challenges - - many of whom live in group homes and have limited recreational, social and employment opportunities. SPECIAL POPS provides excitement, stimulation, and social interaction to their lives.
A Special Thank You to our Volunteers:

Kathy Alexander
Jonathan Brown 
Larry & Carol Brown
Ted Copeland
John & Janet Cork
Sandy D'Angio
Jan Davis
Jim Dawson
Warren Dixon
Ralph & Cathy Ferrone
Christie & Faith Freund
Antonella Halbart
Sam Hockberger
Sue Jessup
Chuck Kendall
Annelia Liedtke
Karen and Bob Lucas
Roger Lundin
Pete Lyon
Bob & Virginia Marcotullio
Elison McAllaster
Alec McCosh
Karen Owens
Jill Petersen
Corrine & Jeff Samuels
Karol Schmidt
Artie Shidler
Mary & Doug Smith
Angie, Ava & Jeff Stewart
Kristina Svenson
Ron Whittaker

To Volunteer contact:

Brian Burtnik This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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